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Eddie Kennedy The Artist

Eddie Kennedy was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland where from a young age he developed a passion for three things, guitar, horses and art. In particular Equine Art. Eddie spent most of his child hood days in school sketching on his work books and being labelled a day dreamer by his teachers. He proved them all wrong when he became the first student in his school to be awarded an A honours for his art despite the fact the school never had an art class.

Although Eddie never forgot about his art,  he pursued a short career as a stunt man in films such as "Excalibur" & "Educating Rita" as well as a thriving career after moving to England in the polo world managing some of the top hi-goal teams in the world. 

After moving to Dubai with his family for a few years he returned to England with a new found love for his art and through the years has developed his style and use of colours to a new level. 

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